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Gibson Es 175 1991 Vintage Sunburst
  • Gibson Es 175 1991 Vintage Sunburst


    A must have guitar for any Jazz enthusiast, the Gibson Es 175 is arguably the companies most accessible jazz model. On the edge of break up this guitar’s tone is unbelievable. It’s understandable why rock players like Yes' Steve Howe embraced this model and even made their signature version of it. The sonic body of this 91 is full, characterful and offers tonal depth. Play wise it's a treat, with a low action and has effortless way about it. Amazingly versatile, this 175 is warm, articulate sound but also has the ability to take on distortion like no other. A deceptively multi-faceted model, now discontinued, this is from one of Gibson's most respected era of modern building.

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