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Gibson Les Paul Randy Rhoads Custom VOS 2010 S/H
  • Gibson Les Paul Randy Rhoads Custom VOS 2010 S/H


    Randy Rhoads is firmly established as one of the brightest stars in the metal-guitar heavens. After forming Quiet Riot while still in his teens, Rhoads stepped up his game when Ozzy Osbourne asked him to audition for his own band in 1979.

    Gibson Custom released the Randy Rhoads 1974 Les Paul Custom, an instrument crafted in the image of Rhoads’s own much-loved, much-played instrument, and limited to only 100 hand-aged and 200 VOS guitars. Gibson artisans have worked closely with the Rhoads family to perfectly reproduce the exact rich amber color of the original guitar. Rendered in period detail, the Randy Rhoads 1974 Les Paul Custom captures the essence of this hard-rock favorite of the early ’70s, including numerous details that were particular to the model’s production for a relatively short period of time. Specific woods, pickups and dimensions have been painstakingly recreated by Gibson Custom, and the precise look of Rhoads’s own guitar also has been captured.


    • Hardware: Gold hardware
    • Neck: Mahogany neck with maple spline 
    • Neck Shape: Small D Rhoads neck profile with volute
    • Fretboard: Ebony fretboard
    • Fingerboard Radius : 12"
    • Body: Mahogany body/ Maple top
    • Bridge: Tune-O-Matic ABR-1 bridge 
    • Pickups: Super ’74 humbuckers with Alnico 3 magnets



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