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Hammett Mars Thunderbird Vintage Sunburst
  • Hammett Mars Thunderbird Vintage Sunburst


    Introducing the Hammett Guitar Co. H220 ‘Mars Thunderbird’ chambered electric guitar.

    From Hammett Guitar Co. -

    The ‘H220 ’Mars Thunderbird’ is a guitar that’s inspiration comes from the iconic electric guitar shapes of the 50’s and 60’s – this shape was designed by a true forefather of the electric blues / blues boogie era -Bo Diddley in 1959, a period of R’n’B and rock’n’roll that continues to surprise contemporary guitar players of its flair, originality and experimentation.


    The fully chambered reclaimed red-cedar body construction allows for a plethora of microphonics to be sculpted by the dual MOJO ‘P.A.B’ pickups, faithful recreations of Paul Bigsbys original design. Each pickup has an individual volume allowing you to ‘blend the pickups when both are selected along with a master tone control. This is a guitar that will wrench you back to an electrified guitar era of old... however this instrument should not be confined to blues style guitarist alone. The tight ABM floating bridge + trapeze arrangement responds with sharp clarity & definition to perfectly suit delicate jazz players too.


    The ultra-thin metallic nitro-cellulose finish allow the timbers to ring out and the quilted wood grain to delicately show through the top+back, the combination of which gives a light relic-look without strangling the tone of the materials used in its construction.

    The body, neck and headstock have been accented with vintage pearloid binding and accompanied by a matching pickguard.

    Hand carved Honduran Mahogany neck w/ Gabon Ebony fretboard and matching rear neck skunk-stripe, white Mother-of-Pearl Inlays, book-matched Reclaimed Red Cedar body core with Gabon ebony spine, rippled sycamore top+ back, hand-made Ebony/ Maple/ Pearloid art-deco bridge base. The recommended P.A.B. pick-ups on this guitar are faithfully hand-wound recreations of Paul Bigsbys pickups, hand produced by Mojo pickups out of the UK - specific to this guitar model and voiced true to the period with which the guitar hails from.

    Each model is unique and varies. Hand-crafted in the UK - 

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