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Luthier Services

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Traditionally handcrafted guitars and restorations, finest instruments made in London N7 by Tuscan hands

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"T.P.Customs is a concept that started in 2013.

For many years I have been collecting researching, and learning A to Z of the history of acoustic and electric guitars, and their makers. My passion came from my cabinet-making and restoring Italian and mid-century Danish furniture work background. The attention to detail that goes in, when doing historically correct restorations, and the conservation process of each piece. My interest in learning how to build guitars took me to study at Cass University for musical instrument making in London. In the meantime, I became an apprentice for a great London-based master luthier, learning techniques and secrets from the best, and listening stories of guitar heroes, until I decided I wanted to take my own road and create my own name." - Tom Pugi


Fret work


Saddle work

Nut work

Restoration and conservation of instruments

Nitrocellulose refin


"I never wanted to make anything new, in fact, I wanted to make old guitars, I wanted to make a guitar never seen before, but familiar, like had always been there.

Inspired by great makers and innovators of the early 50’s, the futuristic designs of 60's Japanese and American catalogue guitar brands, and many more that created, and shaped the modern guitar as we know today, I began to build prototypes, choosing quality woods, and researching the market to incorporate handmade beautiful and high standard hardware and pickups, but most importantly, making them by hand in the most traditional way, because it’s not what you just built that makes it unique, it’s how you build it." - Tom


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